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More time spent in more stereotypical Shibuya

Today went roughly according to plan, for what little plan I had. I wanted to get lunch. I wanted to go to the park. I wanted to find Seibu. And if I could, I also wanted to check out one of the cat cafes. I did all of those, and didn't get lost on the way.

First I went to Seibu, which was a store. After I looked around for a while, I decided to go find lunch. Even by myself, that turned out to be one of the harder steps. I found myself a place with an English menu and tasty food, so I think I managed fine.

After that was finding a cat cafe. I'd already marked where one was, but I forgot what I needed to do to go to it. I remembered that Tokyu Hands had chairs and free Internet access, so I went back there. On my way back, I also ended up finding a free sample of Hibiscus tea. I feel kind of guilty about treating them like a free coffee shop... but then again, it was free.

At the cat cafe, I paid for a drink and half an hour inside, then took off my shoes and went in. There were a lot of cats, I'm not sure how many. Probably the most amusing moment was when one of them freaked out and jumped, loudly landing next to a handful of other cats. There were suddenly half a dozen agitated cats looking around, including some that had been hidden earlier.

The park was different than what I was expecting. I think I thought it would be quieter. There were a lot of people- not subway or even downtown crowded, just... a lot of people. You'd hear different music depending on which part of the park you went to. Some places people were playing drums, other places the flute, some places a saxophone... lots of different sounds.

There were also things to watch. There were flowers and fountains. There were even water fountains! A lot them! Which means there's finally free places to refill water fountains. There were other, more decorative fountains to watch. And people playing games, and footballs going into fountains, and break dancing... all in all, very pleasant to watch.

And there were the birds. Previously, I'd been slightly creeped out by them. Sometimes they'd sound normal. Other times they'd sound like a sick child imitating a crow. That was really alarming the first time I heard it. It wasn't much better by the twentieth. And I'd seen them fighting in the branches, and they were big and black and didn't appear to be scared of me... they were a little creepy. Not anymore, though. Because I saw them hop.

I don't mean just one bird that was injured. Multiple of them. And they can walk- I've seen them do it before. They can certainly fly. But they also hop. Both feet together, jump up a little in the air, land, and repeat until they've made it to where they want to go. It's really amusing to watch.

Posted by Soseki 03:30

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Soseki - I am really, really enjoying your blog! Thank you so much for doing this - opening a window to a totally different place and bringing me the feel and the sounds and the sights. I've now forwarded it on to Ike and Nate. Keep writing - when you get the time! - Zena

by Zena

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