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Gift Wrapped Kitty Cats

Shibuya was deserted around 10:30 this morning. It was a little disconcerting. There were a couple of cars, and a few other pedestrians. The only thing that seemed to be growing was the construction, which had spread to a new corner. Fortunately, there were three different workers who seemed to have the sole job of guiding pedestrians through, so I was able to find the safe walk and follow it.

I did some more walking around, not really making it to any new stores. Then I ate lunch, which was noodles and potstickers and no heads in sight, and went to Harajuku. First, though, I decided to go investigate the large open space with a high number of people going to it.

As I was following some people there and trying to figure out what was going on, I saw someone handing out sheets of paper. Normally I'm very good at avoiding the paper. I'm not sure if this is because I look like an obvious foreigner or because I've had plenty of practice. Sometimes, though, I do want the sheets of paper, like when I'm trying to figure out where I'm going or there are free cookies attached. It's still very easy to get them- just hold out your hand and pause. (If you're going for attached cookies, it probably won't work multiple consecutive times, but the first time it will.)

The paper was a round sheet that was advertising for either Peter Pan or Pita Bread. I couldn't read enough to figure out which. Given the visuals, it was either Peter Pan, or the person designing the flier had a bad sense of humor and a deep dislike of foreigners. (The Japanese would for bread is 'pan.')

Once I entered, the idea that it was for Peter Pan was more deeply confirmed. There were several signs up saying 'Disney on Ice,' and several different images of Disney Princesses. Also, several young girls dressed as Disney Princesses. After I'd hung around long enough to determine there wasn't much to do if you weren't with/you yourself were a girl seven years old or younger, I left.

This time, I made it to Harajuku without immediately turning and going back to Shibuya. There were several stores there, none of which interested me that much. There were also cafes and restaurants, some of which looked good, but I had grander plans in mind. So, after lingering around a little bit, I turned and went back to Shibuya.

Specifically, I went back to the cat cafe. I got a mint iced tea, which seemed fitting for the weather, and spent an hour in air conditioning with cats.

I was amused to find some of the cats were in the same position they'd been last time. I suppose there could have been a different grey cat inside the ante-penultimate cat tower by the window, but I'm skeptical. There was certainly one white ball of fluff inside a cat tube.

One of the cats was really feisty. Not so much with people- it showed brief interest in one of the toys when I played with it, but then got bored and ran away- but with the other cats. It would perch on top of one of the towers and bat at any cat that came near it. It would also mew loudly and run away for no apparent reason.

Today, I learned some of the cats names. The feisty one was Ra Ra. (I read it in the book, then heard it from one of the... what do you call people who work there? When she was attacking the other cats.) The white ball of fluff (there's also a black-and-white ball of fluff and an orange-and-white ball of fluff) is named (translated) Princess Pudding.

After that, I took a similar way out I'd used to get there, only turned the direction of the house instead of the direction of Harajuku. The main differences this made was instead of reaching a plaza, realizing I'd made a wrong turn, and going back, I just kept going and knew how to get back from there. So that was an improvement.

Posted by Soseki 04:59

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