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My Story is Not Done 27.06.2013
So Be a Tourist; Hear the Call 28.07.2012
You Chose the Mountains Every Time I Chose The Sea 27.07.2012
When You Fight You Go Kamikaze 26.07.2012
Laptop Like You 26.07.2012
Movie Reel a Million Miles Long 23.07.2012
Hey Girls, It's the Comfort of the Only Halfway Human 22.07.2012
A Dream Can Be a Dream Come True 21.07.2012
I Know Where I Am Right Now 20.07.2012
And That's a Fault of Mine I'm Working On 19.07.2012
New Art For the People 18.07.2012
Two For Joy 17.07.2012
My Compass Is True 16.07.2012
Gift Wrapped Kitty Cats 15.07.2012
Deer Die With Their Eyes Wide Open 14.07.2012
Chase the Clouds Until They Disappear 12.07.2012
Wrote My New Song on a Five Dollar Bill 11.07.2012
And Tomorrow Is More of the Same 10.07.2012
What Have You Learned? Can You Remember? 09.07.2012
You Ever Notice How in Supermarkets They Turn the Lights Off 08.07.2012
Can't Get Lost if I Don't Know Where to Go 07.07.2012
I'm Getting Better at This! 06.07.2012
Got a Dime and a Dollar and a One Way Ticket Home 05.07.2012
Take a Walk Downtown 04.07.2012
School Then Work and Then Life 03.07.2012
Hey Conductor! Does this Train go to Texas? 02.07.2012
Step by Step 30.06.2012
Landed 30.06.2012
Last sight of Chicago 29.06.2012